Monday, October 27, 2008

"Well the Sun Rose . . ."

It's my name. Renee. "Reborn." New beginnings have power for me, especially when I hit rough spots on my Path.

I've wanted to start a new blog for a while, one that I'm comfortable having public, where I can express pieces of myself, shine bits of inspiration, and share my interests and experiences.

What is Prismatic Living? It is living as a prism: perceiving, expressing, and appreciating the infinite beauty of life. To live prismatically is to love life to the fullest of our potential, and to let that love shine through each moment of our life.

I watch rainbows dance on the wall for hours.

I let the tears run down, appreciating the fact that my pain reveals the truth of my caring.

I seek the beauty buried in the soul of every human.

I am hypnotized by the song of a stream rushing over rocks.

My heart breaks with joy at the sunrise.

I say to my friend: "Of course there is Hope! Look how far we have come already!"

I breathe. In, and out.

This is a new day, right here and now.

"Well the sun rose, with so many colors it nearly broke my heart. It worked me over like a work of art, and I was part of all that. So go ahead, push your luck. Say what it is you gotta say to me. We will push on into that mystery. And it will push right back, and there are worse things than that. 'Cause for every price, and every penance that I could think of, it's better to have fallen in love, than never to have fallen at all. 'Cause when you live in a world, it gets into who you thought you'd be. And now I laugh at how the world changed me. I think life chose me after all." -Dar Williams, After All

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