Friday, December 5, 2008

"Truer Lives-A Poem"

We daydream of truer lives and less of the lies the world shows life must mean
And our spirits soar as thunder roars and the spring world waxes green
Daylight brings us hope and helps us cope as we stumble through their designs
But the night's embrace sets a different pace at the heart's newest finds

The time has come, it's now begun
We're finding our own way
Embrace the sun while we're still young
We choose our path today

We know the risks and all their tricks and they have their trueness too
We know our fears, and our tears, and nothing there is new
But we can't forget the fate that's met when blind passion's heat is spent
And our love is great, but so is hate, and never think that we're exempt

Questions burn, and we will learn
We're finding our own way
What can we give, and how to live
We choose our path today

So we'll sing out love and rise above all the modern treachery
We'll paint the stars and battle scars and know pain and ecstasy
The only rule for us fools is to ourselves be true
And we'll walk this road and not be sold on anything less than truth

Freedom calls, break down walls
We're finding our own way
Embrace the road, while life still holds
We choose our path today
-June 6, 2004

Prismatic Life-A Poem

I wrote this a while ago; it fits well with this blog.

"Prismatic Life"

Beauty of hidden colors revealed delights my soul:
I love the real and imagined, our light and our darkness
How we shine, so brilliant, so inspiring, so alive!

I imagine a paradigm shift:
From a world caught up in
Unhealthiness, disconnection, hatred and fear

To a world that is safe and beneficial for us
To choose kindness, compassion, honesty, responsibility,
Interconnection, generosity, creativity, discovery, hope,
To care, to love, to shine.

Can you imagine?
Can you see?
Can you dream?
Can you love?

If we all did, maybe someday
The world would be safer, more supportive, empowering
For a way of life of that is sustainable, just, fulfilling,
For dreams to become reality.

If you can, would you choose
To imagine, to see, to dream, to love?
What can we do?

What do you imagine?
What do you see?
What do you dream?
What do you love?

Look deep into your soul and see the beauty there
Embrace your truth, your love, your passion
Know you are not alone, you are strong, we are strong
And shine!